Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Close your eyes...

 Due to poopie amounts of requests i decided to do all my beloved Fawlahas a favour by drawing 2 further painting of exceptional quality not only in style but also in terms of colour and poopies.

Love and smoochies,
yours Poopies. :*

PS: to those Fawlahas who still insist on keeping there comment captchas.
I am asking you very kindly to remove the captchorz as it takes a poopie load of time to get behind them.

Carrrrrrr... vroooooom..rrrr
Allhaphant ( coz has hatz if you look closely :3 )


  1. Wow man, thats intense. Might be the blunt i just smoked though, but combined with your drawings they are a team of excellence!

  2. Hm, how does one go about removing the captchas? I've been wondering how for awhile now.

  3. if you poop too hard you could hurt yourself!!! dont strain!!!

  4. mas poopies

    Out rounding